Hibby Games is an Indie Game Developer in Kelowna Canada

We are focused on Unity Game Development for iOS, Android, Windows, Mac and Linux

Hibby Games was founded by Aaron Hibberd in 2015, after a 9-year stint building mini-games for Club Penguin



Hibby Games has one Asset in the Unity Asset Store. It is an arcade style car controller to help Unity developers make awesome, fun, racing games. It was made in a collaboration between Hibby Games and Redhead Robot

FunCar Kit >


After the success of the FunCar Kit, Hibby Games has continued a relationship with Redhead Robot, working together on a game that uses the FunCar Kit as a starting point

FunCar Game >


Aaron has a few video tutorials on YouTube to help people get started making games. They are all using Unity 5 and c#

Unity 5 Tutorials >