We haven't come up with a title for this game yet. 'Prototype One' is planned for eventual release on mobile. It's one of those games where you try to keep jumping on things as high as you can. Initially it was going to star a fat naked sumo man, but we later decided to go with a monkey. The placeholder art and animation was made by the programmer out of primitives(Spheres, Cubes, Cylinders) directly in Unity. This game will probably be free, with incentivized ads

A prototype build of the game can be downloaded for free at itch.io, it's also playable in WebGL at Newgrounds, but WebGL is still very unstable

Android Controls

Steer with your finger to jump on things, when you tap it makes him dive straight down and jump higher

Linux/Mac/Windows/WebGL Controls

Move your mouse to steer, when you click it makes him dive straight down and jump higher

Concept Art was made by Rachel Boyes, and the Modelling is being done by James Wallace and Jonah Janko