The FunCar Kit was made in collaboration with Redhead Robot for the Unity Asset Store. It includes everything a Unity Developer needs to quickly get started on their own Mario Kart, or Need for Speed style arcade racer.

It contains a Car Controller script, which gets a model car up and driving right away. The user can use the included vehicles, or easily set up their own car model. The user just attaches their car body model, each wheel model, and the script takes care of the rest by setting up default collision, physics, suspension and driving controls. It doesn't matter what size the wheels are scaled to, it just works. There are options to tune the speed, steering, suspension etc without any knowledge of code. This allows the user to set up a great variety of vehicles, anything from an F1 racer, to a lifted dune buggy

Includes a Caddie, Police Car, Monster Truck, F1 Race Car, Pumpkin Wagon, Menacing Train, Colorful Race Environment, Halloween Environment, Christmas Environment, Mobile Control, fun Car Controller with code free tuning, very flexible Camera and much more

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All the Code was done by Hibby Games, and all the Art was done by Redhead Robot