Star Prix - Alpha 1.1

Hello my fellow gangsters,

I think I'm going to start making posts here once in a while to give an update on what I've been working on.

Recently Nick(Terran) and I(Aaron / Hibby Games) released Star Prix on the Google Play Store. If you have an Android device, please check it out HERE. It's a free game, with a little Unity Ad. So far the game only has about 50 downloads, and the ad hasn't been viewed enough to make any money. It's just in the Beta section though, and there's not really any easy way to discover it yet.

Nick is a guy I met a long time ago on the TeamXbox forums. We made a Flash game called CityScape together, that we posted on NewGrounds. Years later, after I had left my job, and gained the freedom to work on whatever I want, we decided to make another game together, which is Star Prix.

I've just finished adding an engine sound to the ship, that alters pitch, and other audio mixer effects, as you accelerate. We also made a new version of the ui screen where the player chooses a ship and mode before a race. Nick will upload Star Prix "Alpha 1.1" to the Play Store soon.

HERE is a video of what the game looks like, if you are curious, but don't have Android, or are too lazy to bother downloading it.

Peace out my fellow gangsters